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Uvongo Waterborne Sanitation

Project Start Date: January 2008
Project End Date: June 2015

This project involved the conversion of onsite sanitation for 700 households into waterborne sanitation. ZIYANDA Consulting was appointed to provide all civil engineering consulting input for the conversion. This included the following:

  • Assessments of existing sewage treatment infrastructure, including downstream outfall sewers;
  • Design and implementation of infrastructure to achieve conversion.

The resulting project was the implementation of the following (complete with associated mechanical and electrical equipment):

  • Construction of 3No. Major and 3No. Minor pumpstations buildings and associated Civil Works (Including piling work)
  • Supply and Installation of Mechanical and Electrical Equipment for 3 Major and 3 Minor Pumpstations in Uvongo
  • Construction of 355/350/160mm diameter sewer UPVC rising mains from Pumpstations UV6 and UV8 to Uvongo WWTW
  • Upgrade of Uvongo WWTW to a capacity of 6.4Ml/day (ZIYANDA APPOINTED SOLELY)
  • Construction of 22km * 160mmm diameter uPVC reticulation and manholes in Uvongo Area.
  • 41km x 160mm to 200mm diameter sewer reticulation pipelines including associated manholes;
  • 17km x 100mm diameter sewer connection pipelines to collect effluent from the individual houses/erven.
  • 3,5km x 300mm diameter bulk sewer pipelines;
  • 2 no minor Pumpstation and,
  • Mechanical and electrical works at the 2 minor Pumpstation.